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On the first floor, Le Cerisier en Ville is a new gourmet restaurant, which brings a new facet to the culinary scene of Lille, with the subtle and yet unpretentious creations of a great chef from the region. Just like on the ground floor, an important component of the equation for Éric Delerue and his team remains the warm welcome and careful attention given to all clients, just as if they were guests invited into the chef’s own home. This sense of conviviality extends to all service needs, from large tables that can isolate themselves in private rooms, to a sofa reserved for solo diners.

Heralding French gastronomy, cheeses are kept in a closed cellar which diners are invited to enter, to take their pick when the meal ends. At the end of the vast open corridor which runs along the large windows of the building, a smokeroom for cigars welcomes the guests who wish to take the time to savour an old havana with a cup of coffee, a glass of liquor or a grand cru wine. At the other end of the room, in an entirely glass-paned room which opens up onto the historic buildings of Vieux-Lille, a bar proposes a menu of drinks and small bites which give a taste of the chef’s cuisine, accessible to those on a tighter budget. Le Cerisier en Ville is open every day for lunch and dinner, from Tuesday to Saturday.

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“I love working with fish, fish of character. I like red mullet, I love Turbot. I also like working scallops, truffles, caviar. We will start with emblematic dishes we had in Laventie : pan-fried foie gras with cherries for example. I love it. The good cherry, which still crisp, just lukewarm, sweet … a bit of acidity, then the pan-fried foie gras, the cooking juice a sparkling hair that comes to coat the foie gras. Foie gras, artichoke, vanilla, I love it too. Once again, the idea is to focus on the product.”

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Éric Delerue. Extract from the book On ne voit pas deux fois le même cerisier – edited by So Press.


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