Le Cerisier moves to Lille

Not many miles separate Laventie from Lille, but the changes themselves are radical. The historic Le Cerisier – opened in 1986 in this small Pas-de-Calais village – is now closed, making room for Le Cerisier at the heart of Vieux-Lille, home to three offerings: a gourmet restaurant, a contemporary brasserie and a boutique hotel. Le Cerisier takes pride of place within a unique building funded by the family-owned group GMB Invest – ICM and purpose-built by the Lille-based international architecture firm Coldefy & Associates. The interior architecture has been designed by Laurent Minot.

With an ideal location on the avenue du Peuple-Belge, opposite the Hospice Comtesse, this contemporary architectural creation stands out from the street with its wide windows. Settling in Lille, a European cultural capital located at the crossroads between Paris, London, Brussels and Amsterdam, Le Cerisier embodies a new blend of gastronomy, design and culture – in and around the plate – mixing know-how, talent and character.

Bâtiment - le cerisier - avenue du peuple belge, lille

Le Cerisier – two distinct cuisine offerings and boutique apartments within the same building

Le Cerisier is home to two culinary destinations: Le Cerisier en Ville, a gourmet restaurant, and La Griotte, a contemporary brasserie. Taking cue from its rebellious, generous and congenial chef Éric Delerue, Le Cerisier aims to be a new home for gourmet diners, with a relaxed, welcoming, natural and open vibe. On the ground floor, facing the entrance, sits La Griotte: a contemporary brasserie, open all day for shared meals with coworkers, friends and family.

On the first floor, Le Cerisier en Ville is a new restaurant, matching the ambitions of a chef who obtained his Michelin star in 2002 and kept it since, and whose signature cuisine is subtle and uninhibited: traditional in its spirit, free in its execution. No stuffy sense of elitism here, but an atmosphere where each and every customer is catered for and looked after. With an open kitchen, a chef’s table, private rooms, a cheese chamber, a bar with a panoramic view on Vieux-Lille, a cigar-smoking chamber… The atmosphere at Le Cerisier en Ville is one of openness and shared moments.

Beyond the two cuisine offerings, Le Cerisier climbs up to the top floors of the buildings with a boutique hotel made up of 4 rooms, each with a unique style and personality, built around the palate of Éric Delerue. A perfect way to prolong the Cerisier experience from day to night.

From 1986 to 2019, a creation by Éric Delerue and his team

Few kilometers separate the little village of Laventie from Lille, but the changes, for Le Cerisier, are important. Only a few months after closing the historic Michelin-starred restaurant, Éric Delerue and his team are relocating to the heart of Vieux-Lille, in a new building that gives birth to three offers : a gastronomic restaurant on the first floor, a contemporary brasserie on the ground floor and a boutique hotel on the higher levels.

The conjoined venture of three families with their roots in Lille – the real estate developers Marquet of the group GMB – Invest, the architects Coldefy & Associates or Laurent Minot and the Michelin-starred chef Éric Delerue -,the new building of the avenue du Peuple- Belge unites major players from the local urban planning, gastronomy and creative scenes. For the chef Éric Delerue, whose historic gastronomic restaurant Le Cerisier – thus named as a homage to the trees which once grew by the dozen on this land of Laventie, in Pas-de-Calais – was one of the finest tables of the Lille region, this new adventure takes place within a spirit of continuity. Michelin-starred since 2002 for his cuisine characterised by a free interpretation of tradition, the chef is moving with his family to the heart of Vieux-Lille to bring a wind of nature and renewal. On the menu of the first floor, two offers for gastronomic tastings are accompanied by a reduced menu which is made up of local and seasonal produce. In the brasserie, the fare is more traditional, whilst keeping the touch of creativity which has been Éric Delerue’s signature for over 30 years.

Le Cerisier – blending design, environment and creation

Coldefy & Associates architecture agency conceived the building as a key part of the renewal of the urban scene of the avenue du Peuple-Belge, thanks to its contemporary design, opening onto the city. Le Cerisier, with its glass-covered front, sits at a prime angle at the heart of the historic urban fabric of Lille, facing the Hospice Comtesse, allowing multiple perceptions from the inside and outside.

Le Cerisier keeps a close watch on eco-responsibility, through its year-long activity : recuperating rain water, revaluing waste, short food channels – from the producers to the plate. Maintaining a constant dialogue with key players in his neighborhood, his city and the wider metropolis, Éric Delerue and Émilie Boucheseiche has invited craftsmen and artists to create and curate the life of Le Cerisier alongside his team : from ceramic, to light fixtures, tables and table feet, but also knives or curtains.


A native of the Hauts-de-France region, Éric Delerue quickly turned decided to make a living out of his passion for cooking. At the age of 19, he graduated from hospitality management school and became Marc Meurin’s first employee. Working with the Michelin-starred chef in his restaurant in Busnes (Pas-de-Calais) for nearly 30 months, the young Éric Delerue learned the tools of the trade, from picking the right produce to experimenting with cooking processes and food pairings. He left his mentor at the age of 21 to open his own restaurant in Laventie. In less than a week, the large bourgeois mansion was sold and Le Cerisier opened its doors to the public in 1986. The Michelin star he earned in 2002 never ceased to shine until this year, which will see the opening of the new Cerisier in Lille in April.



To honor the work of all craftsmen, Éric Delerue and Émilie Boucheseiche wanted to highlight their works in their own store. They asked the artisans who worked on the project to offer a piece for sale in the Cerisier. Gourmets will also find something for them : the store will offer a small delicatessen with a choice of local quality products.